Wednesday, April 1, 2009

SketchUp API Updates

Updated Ruby API Documentation

The guys over at the SketchUcation Community Forums have been submitting documentation corrections to us and we just pushed a bunch of updates to our Ruby API Site . Thanks to everyone who's been helping us improve our docs! If you find other typos or problems please join the thread on SketchUcation or post to our ruby group.

New Ruby Tutorial

Check out our new tutorial on Attribute Reporting to learn how to read attribute data from entities in your models.

New SDK Package

We recently repackaged the SDK to make it a bit easier to use. Improvements include:

- Reorganized folders to make them more understandable
- New GettingStarted.html intro to help get folks headed down the right path
- Updated SkpReader and SkpWriter documentation
- Updated SkpToXml example to compile on the PC

We also removed Client Warehouse SDK from the package. If you need support on this please post your contact info to the SDK support group.

There were no changes to the headers or binaries so there are no code fixes with this release. Please download the latest package at -

Bryce Stout
Product Manager


Jim Foltz said...

Thanks for the updates. Is there a "Change Log" available to highlight what was changed?

Chris Fullmer said...

Thanks Bryce, I'm loving the new API and the fast turn around on updating typos/examples/syntax clarification, etc. Absolutely great!

Scott Lininger said...

Hey Jim,

Up until now, we have not been publishing a public change log, but it's a good idea. I'll look into if there's a way to automate that...

-Scott Lininger